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Producing district heat and electricity through waste incineration is an efficient and climate-sound solution for waste that cannot be recycled. However, incineration of waste generates flue gas waste; fly ash containing heavy metals and chlorides and a contaminated acid. Today the hazardous fly ash is transported to specific landfill sites, especially in closed mines, according to the ”hide and forget” philosophy. This is not sustainable nor in line with a circular green community.

HaloSep offers a unique and sustainable solution managing all the issues of fly ash. The process recovers salt and metals as well as it reduces the landfill volume. HaloSep provides an on-plant solution that can be built up locally at a Waste to Energy plant. It can also

be placed at a site where fly ash from several smaller plants is consolidated. Thereby, HaloSep will eliminate both cost and emissions related to long-range transportation. We now have the opportunity to build for a more sustainable Waste to Energy industry!

Our value proposition

HaloSep enables a sustainable solution for WtE plants to turn its hazardous waste into usable material to be returned to society which is the definition of a Circular Economy.

Reduces or eliminates landfill and enables recovery of salt and metals.

 Converts hazardous waste to useful resources.

Experience and competence
that creates ease of mind.

Long range transportation costs and emissions are eliminated.

Commercially ready for market entry. 

On-site WtE plant consolidation of fly ash. 

Our contribution to circularity

When burning municipal solid waste and industrial waste, about 2-5% of the incoming waste turns into fly ash. In this fraction, heavy metals and salts from the waste are concentrated. The HaloSep process treats both the acidic waste generated in the flue gas treatment and the alkaline fly ash. It can be placed in close proximity to the incinerator. The fractions resulting from the process are a stabilized fly ash, a metal fraction and a saltwater solution.

The stabilized fly ash is a mineral fraction that can be used for construction purposes. The metal fraction will be used as feedstock for zinc smelters. The salt water can be used as road salt or other industrial use. By using a local treatment and recycling solution, long distance transport and export of hazardous waste is avoided.

Our story

-2010 HaloSep originates from Stena Metall’s R&D department with Erik Rasmussen as the inventor. He saw the need for WtE plants to responsibly mange the fly ash that is formed when waste is incinerated to generate electricity and district heating. The fly ash is currently treated as hazardous waste and landfilled at special landfills. This often means long transports and costly handling that is far from the circular economy that society strives for.

2016-2020 With HaloSep technology, the ash is purified, and the result is salt, recycled metals and treated fly ash. A full-scale plant is ready at the large incineration plant Vestforbrænding in Copenhagen. The facility is a project run in collaboration with Vestforbrænding, with funding from EU Life and is therefore referred to as Life HaloSep.

2020 HaloSep AB is founded as a separate company to drive industrialization and commercialization of the HaloSep process. The establishment of a development plant in production size is the stepping stone to offer a sustainable solution for WtE plants all over the globe.


Our Team

We are the team at HaloSep AB.

Erik Silfverberg CEO Halosep

Erik Silfverberg


Erik has a background working with sustainability in combination with R&D in the construction industry as well as in Foodtech and Cleantech.
He has experience working with both large global businesses, and start-ups, being responsible for R&D, innovation, and strategy leading companies as CEO and in the Board of Directors.

Åsa Sörelind

Director Finance, Strategy and Marketing

Åsa joined HaloSep with a solid background from business and financial management in the industrial sector. She brings experience from global business management and aftermarket sectors in the mining and automotive industry as well as financial planning from the international logistics business.

Henrik Jilvero

Engineering Director

Henrik brings experience from the Stena Metall R&D function where he led several research projects related to chemical and automated recycling over the last six years. He has also been deeply involved in the development of the HaloSep process. Prior to joining Stena Metall, Henrik completed his doctoral degree in the field of Carbon Capture at Chalmers University of Technology.

Julia Hansson Björck Halosep AB

Julia Hansson Björck

Product Engineer

Julia has a background as a process engineer, mainly focusing on process design within the pharmaceutical industry and brings an extensive experience from high demand national and international projects. She has been a central project member from initial design to final commissioning of process plants. Julia comes with an education in Chemical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology, with a Master’s degree in sustainable energy systems

Marcus Modin

Project Director

Marcus has a background as a marine engineer, but also a long experience as a development engineer within the energy industry with specialization in burner and flu gas cleaning systems. He has also been leading a start-up business for aftermarket service of industrial systems.

Daniel Holm

Sales and Commercial Director

Daniel has extensive experience in various business sectors including Cleantech, Medtech and process industry, where he has held both commercial, technical and leadership roles. Before joining HaloSep, he co-founded and lead a startup with proprietary water treatment technology where he successfully brought the product and organization from prototype to commercial stage. Daniel holds a MSc in Chemical Engineering and an MBA from Chalmers University of Technology.

Julia Hansson Björck Halosep AB

Ulf Börner

Technical Project Manager

Ulf comes with 25 years of experience from the chemical process industry where he has managed process development and innovation projects, mainly within the paint industry. His background is chemical process engineering with an extensive experience from problem solving tools as well as change and risk management with focus on safety. In addition, Ulf is a trained Lean 6 Sigma project leader and has a broad experience in managing advanced laboratory organizations. He also brings a deep knowledge in quality assurance and operating management systems.

Carin Kvillborn

Technical Procurement Manager

Carin has many years of experience in procurement and contract management in the waste management sector. She has a Master’s degree in Technical Biology and brings a strong technical understanding to her role. Carin’s expertise is a valuable asset to the team, and her strategic thinking and attention to detail enables her to develop effective procurement solutions. She is committed to delivering high quality results and ensuring that projects are executed in an efficient and effective manner.

Linnea Svensson

Process Engineer

Linnea has an education in Chemical Engineering with a Master’s degree in sustainable energy systems from Chalmers University of Technology. One of Linnea’s notable achievements includes her master thesis, where she focused on combining a salt recovery process with the HaloSep process.

HaloSep PORT

Plant for Optimization, Research and Technology

A HaloSep development plant is to be located at Skarvik energy port Gothenburg, Sweden.
It is close to Stena Metall R&D for efficient technology and research development work.

  • Optimize the HaloSep process technology
  • De-risk and demonstrate customer projects
  • Develop the technology for additional markets
  • Develop technologies for circularity

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Please contact us if you would like to know about our process or how we can help your company.

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